GTO focuses on investments of
€30-100m in B2B technology in Europe and North America

About Us

GTO has been established with the aim to consistently generate superior returns for our investors and our partners. We believe that this can only be achieved through a methodical focus at each stage of the investment process, and our ability to deliver best in class execution is what makes GTO an ideal partner.

Why Partner With GTO

  • Focused vertical expertise
  • Collaborative partnerships with management teams
  • Proprietary investment opportunities
  • Preference for control deals
  • Focus on buy and build
  • The GTO Process: consistent delivery through the investment process
  • Strong in-house operating capabilities
  • Global mindset

Our Investment Criteria

  • B2B or B2B2C
  • Europe and North America market presence
  • Equity investments of €30-100m
  • Markets with inherent organic growth

What We Look for In Our Portfolio Companies

  • Strong gross margin
  • Manageable technology risk
  • Diversified customer base
  • Low churn potential